Biggest android conference of the Year, DroidconIN, MLR Convention Centre, Bangalore #droidconin2016

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Biggest android conference of the Year, DroidconIN, MLR Convention Centre, Bangalore #droidconin2016

droidconIN is the biggest android conference in the region and is the place to be if you are into android development, design or architecture.

– Co-organizer, BlrDroid


Team Mobikul traveled a long way to Bangalore for one of the finest conference organized for Android Community. The two days conference was mainly focused on talks on core Android, its tools and framework.

We were really excited for our first Android Conference outside the state. All arrangement’s were done prior to event and we were all set for the conference. We traveled from New Delhi to Bangalore on 9th of October and reached our hotel which was roughly at 5 minute distance from the MLR convention center J. P. Nagar, the venue for the Conference. After we were allotted our rooms we unpacked and rechecked everything as we were pretty excited for the big day and didn’t wanted anything to go wrong.


Thu Nov 10 2016

We got ready and left the hotel for conference at approximately 8:40 a.m. and reached the MLR convention center at 9:00 a.m. There we have arrangement for out breakfast with different kinds of food stalls. All of them were great. The event started at 9:30 a.m. with the introduction to conference from hasGeek team, then followed by core android talks and dives on various topics viz Firebase, Gradle, Rxify, M* architecture by various Engg. , entrepreneurs and geeks all over from India as well as abroad. Being there, listening to there talks is like a dream come true. One of the interesting thing was we can relate to all those problems and situations they were talking about as we had experienced them in our day-to-day life.



The event were sponsored by various IT companies including eCommerce based Apps like Flipkart and Myntra. They discussed various roles they perform and how they tackled their problems from engineering point of view. It was very healthy discussion. We participate in the quizzes and challenges as well and won some goodies like T-shirts.


In the evening, after the tiring day we head towards exploring Bangalore and to seek an idle restaurant for our Dinner. We explored the local market which was close to the place we were staying, had some snacks as well. Then after searching a bit we found an excellent place and ate full of our stomach.


Thu Nov 11 2016

The day start with typical south Indian breakfast. Yes, you guess it right ‘idli-sambhar’, ‘dosa-sambhar’ and all.  This day was as interesting as the last day. The talks were marvelous. Various talks about React Native, IOT, Proteus, Testing and scale-ability were delivered along with there caveats. We also attended the Workshops and filled our minds full of knowledge.

We met some of the organizer aka engineers, entrepreneurs and some of so called Stack overflow Celebs as well and had a healthy discussion about technology.
The day was awesome. So much to learn and so much to dive in. This was truly our next step in the community.

And Finally we leave Bangalore with a heavy heart and  a new hope. Hope for delivering the community more than what we got from there.