Charismatic! Webkul Chess and Carrom Tournament 2016

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Charismatic! Webkul Chess and Carrom Tournament 2016

No matter if you win or lose, the most important thing in life is to enjoy what you have.
-Dong Dong
Carrom and Chess are the two most played and wonderful indoor games that’s why were chosen to be played.
As previous year, this year too WEBKUL has organized Chess and Carrom Tournaments with more zeal and enthusiasm in the month of MAY 2016. Continuous series of tournaments were played till the month of August 2016.

Games were organized to relax and ease team members from daily routine work. This was really great that major chunk of members participated in both the games. Especially new joiners also provided the good amount of contribution, which resulted into a blend of FRESH TALENTS!

Total 63 matches were organized for Carrom and 51 matches for Chess.

Before the tournaments started separate ‘RULE BOOKS’ were prepared for both the games to make playing easier, Mr. Vinay Yadav had a marvelous session for all the amateur and provided guidelines about the Chess.
It was really fun to see, Players practicing and making strategies to WIN!
Once the tournaments started members showed their hidden TALENT TREASURE! Beautifully. Especially for Carrom everyone was having their own style of hitting the STRIKER that was incredible to make them WINNERS!

It was more challenging for those who were having participation in both the games Because tournaments were happening simultaneously which brought out their beauty of managing and coordinating the things.
It was worth watching them clinching fists on a losing game or jumping with joy on winning!
Everyone was so restless to get the WIN! WIN!

As the audience we really enjoyed the way team played, Everyone was looking so refreshing.
CHOCOLATES! ( Yummy) : Chocolates were offered to the WINNERS to sweeten their tongue and celebrate their win.
ALMONDS ( Memory Sharpener) : Almonds were distributed to the Non- Achievers to motivate them.

Those who reached to the Quarter Final Matches were happy and feeling safe to get an opportunity to play further in the Semi Final and Final Matches of WEBKUL Chess and Carrom Tournaments 2016.

While Chess matches were going on players seemed quite serious and busy within making strategies to make next important MOVE! Which can lead them either to win or lose the game?

Golden Opportunity! Those who lost the game got one more chance to win by challenging the opponent and re-indulge in the game.
We Eagerly waited and kept an eye on the tournaments for 3 months to announce the FINAL WINNERS!

AND after series of tournaments, we finally got the Kings! Winners! Champions! Who were ready to wear the CROWN of CHAMPIONSHIP!
NOW! its time to distribute the prizes to the Champions and that will be done on the Prestigious ANNUAL DAY CELEBRATION of WEBKUL on August 26, 2015.

The tournament ended with SPLENDID! win of the Players.
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