Chowki Dhani Trip

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Chowki Dhani Trip

Here is our one more step to indulge with each other “CHOWKI DHANI” trip. It was a fabulous evening spent with our colleagues. We had started our journey from office to Sonipat at around 4:00 pm. The travelling time was around 2 and a half hours, but we didn’t realise where the time flies due to lots of fun activities we had like playing Antakshari, dumb charades, Introduction of new joiners etc.

Finally At around 6:30 pm we reached our destination “Chowki Dhani” a beautiful, colourful place with unique ethnic Rajasthani concept. We all love the traditional welcome followed by Tilak and welcome drink.

The place exhibits the Art, Culture and Cuisine of Rajasthan. The first attraction is the well-decorated reception area with all the antiques. A very good Ambience, Interior, Wall Painting and Food. The traditional folk songs and dance was overpowering all to join and shake their body too.

This place is full of fun activities like Camel, Horse and Bullock Cart ride, lot of shooting games, a big brass bell with a huge wooden hammer.

Finally, the end of this splendid evening was becoming more excited with the delicious mouth watering Rajasthani food. All walls of dining hall – Sangri was beautifully painted in traditional style. All the people who are serving food are in the Rajasthani traditional attire. The best thing is the way they serve the guests in the most generous way and force them to try every delicacy they have to offer. Amazing Hospitality!

It was an unforgettable memorable evening spent with office colleagues in mini Rajasthan village. Hope to have a lot more fun with Webkul family. Cheers..Enjoy!!!!

It was a great time, More stills can be checked at Facebook