Cultural Saturday July 2015

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Cultural Saturday July 2015

July 25th, 2015, We celebrated Cultural Saturday. Whole Event was full of joy, thrill and happiness for each and every Webkulite.

It started with the introduction of all the Newbies. Everyone rolled into fun and loud laughs hearing the funny incidents. People came forward and participated in the event like never done before which made the event even more memorable.

The day went on with an interesting game “Lego”. The participants were divided into two teams. Both the teams had to build 5 models from the puzzle blocks. But to add a twist to the game, Blocks of all the puzzles were kept together and the major concern instead of building the model was finding the stuff for their model. Both the teams tried their level best, but Vikhyat Sharma wore the crown for being the leader of winning team.

Later on we celebrated birthdays of all the fun loving and cheerful cancerians. From Delicious cake to scrumptious lunch and nice catch-up between webkulites, it was indeed a great session for all of us.

Those colorful blocks of Lego puzzles were enough to remind each and every being of their childhood days. But that was just the beginning. The teams were then sub-divided into “Coders”, “Spartans”, “Bahubali”, “Shakaal” and others. Next we had a logo quiz competition along with several other games such as Scrabble, The dart game, Junk in the Trunk, Hold the Kancha, Nut Stack and many more.

The games were exciting and we enjoyed each and every part of the event, be it playing with words for making long sentence and scrabble game, concentrating in so much noise to make a stack of nuts, or jumping crazily to drop the balls from the box. Though it may have looked easy but it was really difficult to make it in each game. The one team that lasted the longest in each game was Star Wars.! Hats off to the team.

All in all, it was a great day, which was not to be missed. Any day can be Fun day with us…
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