Diwali Dhamaka 2016!!

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Diwali Dhamaka 2016!!

Diwali evokes different emotions in different people – it is not just a festival of lights, but of people coming together to celebrate, in true harmony. The happiness and joy of Diwali is spread through lights, colors, laughter and a fresh new start. This is the festival of teaching and learning, giving and receiving. Diwali is the only time where you can exchange happiness, for happiness!

The trend of wearing traditional attire this Diwali had picked up steam in Webkul as many youngsters had given their regular jeans and tees a break and opted for the simple, ethnic look.
While boys were all set to go traditional, girls were also not far behind. Girls took pride in their traditional ensemble and came out with amazing sari styles.
A glimpse of it….

The celebration started off with bay decoration competition with teams enthusiastically decorating their prearranged vicinity; They decorated with lot of energy in a very short time, everything from paper garlands,hanging balls to self creative festive ideas were used and teams spared no effort to enliven the festive spirit.

After this healthy competition, while some employees were having their lunch, others were enjoying the loud music with dance.

Moving ahead with the next event– Rangoli Competition. Since Rangoli is considered as a traditional symbol of Diwali, many employees were quite enthusiastic in showing their flair and creativity in Rangoli competition. We have tried to bring out some beautiful rangoli design made by some very talented artists with an idea to promote innovation and ascertain conceptualization of employees. Do have a look at their amazing work:

We had played a couple of tournaments games for our employees this year like chess, cricket, counter-strike, carrom. Price distribution for earlier played tournaments was organized.

Lastly, we ended our day by playing some indoor games for diwali eve. Playing games can cheer up everyone and bring a smile on everyone’s face.

We enjoyed thoroughly which was proven by the level of enthusiasm shown whole day.
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