Holi @ Webkul

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Holi @ Webkul

Celebrating Holi in office? What can be a better idea to break out of the daily office routine and the confines of the workstation. The Holi event began with the introduction of the new one’s who had recently joined the team.

Following this was Webkul’s first fashion event. 4 teams, 1 model for each team, a few newspapers, scissor and glue were all they had. Jurys rolled up their sleeves and everyone was so eager to know who will be “Webkul’s Fashionista”.

A few minutes later, We had Jhingalala Guy, Webkul Man, Baahubali (Returns 😉 ) and Dumper Man in front of us.

It was really difficult to find the best out of them. But after a neck-to-neck competition, The Jhingalala guy- Himanshu won the competition. Arti, Ashwani and Aditya wore the crown of Webkul’s Fashionista.

Snapshots reveals more stories than words..

Next to this was the real Holi fun. Colors all around.. Cheering Shouts.. Loud Laughter.. Gujhiya and a complete fun filled environment. The day of color mania was spread all over the Webkul.

The event made us realize that celebrations need not to be fancy or big, even small acts of togetherness can bring smiles and fresh energy within the team. For more stills check bit.ly/1UBQKAy.