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New Year’s Eve is here! The new year stands before us like a new chapter in a book, waiting to be written. The story written on the pages all depends upon the way we welcome it.
So, we got our party shoes on and headed to Grand Royal Club, Centre Stage Mall, Noida with full enthusiasm to spend a time of fun. We were thrilled and eagerly waiting for one of the most happening parties. And the celebration began at 1 PM and there was plenty to see and do.

Though winter season was on the peak in the month, but after entering in the club, the environment got completely heated with some unseen dance moves when the party got started with groovy music, glamorous venue and the party crowd!
As we entered in the club, nobody cared at all what’s in the menu, what’s in the drink! Nobody was seeing if someone is looking them or not, if they will look good in photos or not, if they cared about something, it was Dance and only Dance! Everybody started shouting to increase the base of DJ and started rocking the floor.

After around one and a half hours, we started realising that we need a bit of break and we entered in a little cool down zone. Some started with soft drinks and some went with yummy starters.

And the effect of music was like we started dancing back after some moments with handfull of starters and glass of drinks.

After continuous dance for three hours, some hidden talents came to know with individual and group performances for which the practice was done for almost a week.
It took around one and a half hours as there were some awesome guitar performances, amazing group singing, rocking solo singing, floor breaking dance and breathtaking jokes.

After enjoying those beautiful performances, we were again on Dance floor to rock the music. At the same time, delicious lunch was lined up and we enjoyed it along with dance and music.

This gathering was amusing, fascinating and full of entertainment. It was a wonderful way to spend a quality time with our peers who are from various regions of the country. For more pics: