Rocking Greet to New Year 2015

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Rocking Greet to New Year 2015

We were about to celebrate the upcoming dawn of year 2015 so planned a trip to Parkwoods, Shoghi. Around 21:00 Hrs on January 02, 2015 we were ready to explore every bit of beauty as Parkwoods, Shoghi is situated at heart of beautiful nature. Everybody was excited and was ready on his mark to explore nature at it’s best. The journey began in very delightful manner, people’s happiness and level of their excitement can be assumed from their cheering faces. Different games were played inside the Volvo to pull out best of the best fun. Check out some more glimpses at

Later somewhere around NH1 Karnal everybody fueled themselves at restaurant to stay charged for the next day, But even after the dinner people were out of the sleep and few were so much excited that they even refused to have a sleep and even a nap.

The next day we were welcomed by wonderful cups of tea and crispy cookies which were served by Parkwoods staff. We all just took a small rest and anticipated to get ready for the splash of biggest fun we ever had. Each and every Webkul member came forward like a pro in all events. We were really glad and felt proud of our team when instructors from Parkwoods said “We were best at every organised event”. Check out some more glimpses at

Events at Parkwoods, Shoghi were so entertaining and engaging that we were even tired but the enthusiasm and the way how events were carried forward was not letting us to pull our brakes for any halts.

Later, the night came where people from Webkul Rocked ‘N’ Rolled in rhythm of Rock Music. Few were just uncontrollable and rocked the floor like they gonna make all of it today itself, video below reveals what was the level of enthusiasm when we were celebrating the dawn of year 2015.

Relaaaaaaxxxx….. Yes the night was silent and the next day was full of adventures and thrill. We did participate in events like Valley Crossing and Mountain Rappling. We were climbing mountains and crossing valleys like we were fearless. We enjoyed every bit of it and all the moments were full of joy, cheers, thrill and lots of adventure. Check out some more glimpses at

After a long time of celebrations and happiness we packed our bags and moved back to Webkul Headquarters to work even harder and better to boost up E-Commerce with our genuine resources.