Team Party At Adventure Island

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Team Party At Adventure Island

It was 25th march 2017 when UXLab team went for a team gathering. We all decided to visit the “ADVENTURE ISLAND” which is in Rohini, Delhi. Adventure Island is an amusement theme park which is having wonderful rides as well.

So the day started with awesome whether, sun was shining & it was a pleasant day.

We all decided to meet at Yamuna bank metro station to start our journey to adventure island. Then we boarded the metro to Rithala metro station.

Before reaching Adventure Island we had Chole Bhature, They were mouth watering. Then all UXlab member  returned to their home? Nope  the real story begins from here…. UXlab took entry in Adventure Island and took some selfies as well. We all were eager to take all rides.

At very first we took “Side Winder” ride, It was extremely exciting to take that ride. All people were shouting who were on that ride. we were shouting and laughing as well. What was next?

We went for “Free Fall“, It was the ride which falls from top to bottom. Then one by one UXLab took rides like “Lighting Bolt“, “Wild Wheels“, “Toy Train“, “Sky Riders“, “Space Jump” etc.

After taking all rides we were feeling quite hungry…Just kidding.. But we took some snacks to get energy for more thrill and fun. We were taking selfies with every footstep to capture those moments.



At 5:15 pm we booked our tickets for rain dance & water splash pool. The pool was having time limitations so we booked our tickets in 5:30-6:15 pm slot. We were dancing on various songs & water sprinkles were falling on us in that pool.

After 6:15 pm we left from Adventure Island. Then we all decided to have tea from a tea stall which was near by Rithala metro station. We were sharing our thoughts about the trip.

Then we boarded the metro to reach our home. It  was a memorable day for me and whole UXLab team as well. We all will cherish the moments, we share on this trip.