Victory Over Evil !!! lets Play Holi !! Happy Holi 2017

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Victory Over Evil !!! lets Play Holi !! Happy Holi 2017

Holi the festival of colours and unlimited joys.
The colours of Holi also bring along with themselves the spirit of joy, naughtiness, passion and enthusiasm.

Holi is a time to reach out with the colors of you, It is the time to love and forgive. It is the time express the happiness of being loved and to be loved through colors.

In the office, the Holi started with the event. The team was divided into different groups to showcase their hidden talents.

People were very excited to know what is going to happen. Then with the announcement, we began the game of singing the songs from Different Advertisement and Television Serials.

It was really great fun to see people actually remember the old advertisement and TV serials songs, which created a nostalgic atmosphere.They enjoyed it fully.

With great passion and enthusiasm, everybody made his /her great effort to make the event joyful.

We could remember few advertisement songs and Television Serial songs which they sang very well like The Title Song from TV Serial ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’, Amul Milk, Shaktimaan’s title Song, MDH Masala. Pepsi’s Add. Doraemon’s Song and much more…

In-between we played with colours and followed the ceremony of coloured Tilak with the box of sweets and Kesar Gujiya.

The goodness of holi was smeared all around everyone was filled with happiness. It was an awesome fun filled event.

Celebrating holi was really a different experience to get relax from the day to day routine of the office. It has become an ideal means of connecting and relating to each other for most of the people who are staying out of their home towns and states or dear ones who are far way on the occasion due to some other commitments.
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