Webkul Day 2015

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Webkul Day 2015

26 August 2015 was a big day for us. Webkul has completed 5 years of its awesome journey. It seems like years have passed in a blink and Webkul has turned 5 this August.

Webkul is a place where every individual does lots of hard work to create world class product in their domain, but we also understand the importance of Fun /thrills and having new experiences. So we planned a fun-filled day with a similar theme to celebrate our happiness of achieving lots of milestones and also, happiness of reaching to a headcount of Hundred from just three when it was initiated.

Finally the big day had arrived. We all were excited for it. Contrary to weather forecast the day was very hot, the Sun was not encouraging us at all for whole day outdoor activity, but it was our annual day and Nothing can beat our energy and enthusiasm. We gathered at the Worlds of Wonder.

We started the Day with Go Karting event. Go Karting (mini version of F1 race) was not only very thrilling, but also a new experience for many of Webkulians.We all grew up watching F1 race on TV. So getting a chance to try it in real was very exciting, but also scary as we also watched major accidents in F1 race. We too ended up with few minor accidents, but overtaking each other on Go kart track was breathtaking and worth every bit of it.

After Karting we moved toward “Worlds of wonder Water Park”. The water park is a great place to overcome your height and water phobia. Because you can try both in a very safe environment. For few of us every slide was a piece of cake. They tried and enjoyed each and every slide, but for rest every slide looks like hell. We convinced each other to fight our phobias and we tried each slide.

After the rides we were feeling little tired, so we went to Lazy river. It was 3-4 feet deep river where you just need to sit, relax in the tube, then you will move slowly with water flow.
Our next destination was “Wave-pool”. We felt 6-8 Feet height’s waves which used to come in every 60 minutes. We all were hoping to keep ourselves safe during waves. Some of us started to learn swimming over there.
A photographer was there who was clicking underwater photographs, but it was not easy for everyone to hold breath & open eyes underwater for a few seconds to click photographs. People took it as challenge & started competing with each other that who can hold their breath for maximum time. We spent 3-4 hours at wave pool only. Came outside, relaxed on sun chairs & seeing other in water.

The climate was changing as the sunset time was coming. We gathered on a lawn for the Hi-Tea event. We celebrated all the Leo’s birthday. Enjoyed cake & other Snacks with tea & shared whole day experience with each other. Clicked photographs. We just wanted to capture all the memories in photographs. Since the team is not that small now so it was not possible for photographer to click a photograph in which 100 people are visible. He tried his best & clicked photograph from different angles & got succeed to click our Team photograph.

After that we had half an hour to get ready for the evening party. Instantly we went to our locker rooms & got ready. Visited Gala Lawn for the party where “Madhyam” the band was performing we enjoyed live performance of them. We all were in dance mood, so we started dancing to Madhyam’s song. We cut cake, awarded employees who won chess, carom & counter strike competitions. Some of the employees also performed there.

Last but not least all the webkulians share their experiences about webkul. Each and every single person was excited to know about the previous experiences about How we had started? How we’ve achieved all the milestones? About the fun that we had, the memories we built and many more.
At midnight we left the place with great memories, awesome experiences and a lot more motivated. Check out some more glimpses on.fb.me/1JJ00xm