>_ webkul tech season 2016


webkul is getting started with tech season 2016.
every team member at webkul has the freedom to make his/hers ingenious ideas into a living reality — despite of any language and approach.
after 4 months of continuous collaboration of 5 members (team members can be between 3 to 5) as a team will submit their project to make a happy :) win.

got a hardware idea?

yes! a hardware idea can also be made into practice; but it should be something really very extraordinary and should not be limited to mere assembling and configuration, it should involve the real engineering.


every other project, from every other team will be judged on the basis of successful use of following attributes -

** for hardware related projects there will be different parameters of judgement.

tech stacks

these are the names of very few of popular tools these days which can be utilised to drive out best of any idea -

↳ testing and automation (tdd/bdd)

↳ performance testing/optimisation

↳ front-end

↳ back-end

↳ frameworks

↳ core concepts *

↳ security *

↳ documentation

↳ server platforms

↳ caching optimisation

↳ log


last date of submission of project/product synopsis - tuesday, july 26 2016
project start date - saturday, july 30 2016
project end date - friday, december 23 2016

* highly recommended to drive out best for a project.

— thank you
  team webkul